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Window Cleaning Franklin

Providing quality residential window cleaning in Franklin, Brentwood, Oak Hill, Forest Hills and surrounding cities.


house--thumb Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning Franklin

Platinum Window Cleaning truly understands your needs, whether you live in a small studio apartment or a multi-million dollar home. When you hire a window cleaning company to service your home, nothing is more important than knowing they are reliable, trustworthy and skilled. With years of experience in residential window cleaning, and gutter clean-out, we are confident you will experience unprecedented workmanship, professionalism, and uncompromising integrity.

Professional and Honest Technicians

Residential window cleaning is a sensitive area and that’s why our thorough hiring process includes drug testing, background checks and a comprehensive training program. Our uniformed technicians arrive at your home in a marked fleet vehicle on time and prepared to provide the absolute best service. It’s our goal to ensure you will feel comfortable with our technicians, while feeling the utmost confidence with our pricing and quality of work.

Servicing The Entire Greater Nashville Area

No area in is too remote, no job too complex for us when it comes to residential window cleaning in Middle Tennessee. Over the years, we have cleaned millions of windows in thousands of residences in and many other areas in . The service we provide is impeccable, while finishing the work in a timely and efficient manner. Brentwood, Franklin, Nashville, Belle Meade, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Mt Juliet, Lebanon, and Murfreesboro are our most popular areas.

All-inclusive Cleaning Services

We offer the complete range of residential window washing or commercial window cleaning and gutter clean-out services including, but not limited to:

  • Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning
  • Skylight, Sunroom, and Atrium Cleaning
  • Light Fixture Cleaning
  • Mirror Cleaning
  • Replacing Light bulbs and etc…

Contact Us For a Free Estimate

You can call, email, or request a no-obligation FREE quote. Upon receiving your request, our professional technicians survey your premises and quote you unbeatable prices for the best window cleaning and gutter cleanout in greater Nashville. Once approved, your job becomes our highest priority, and we complete it to your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on providing hassle-free, “Platinum-grade Service”.

Useful Window Washing Tips

Windows serve several purposes in the home. They enable natural light to penetrate into the home for that makes it a more enjoyable place in which to live. Windows also allow the occupants to view what is happening outside. Windows that open can permit the ventilation so that stale inside air is exchanged for fresh air from the outside. However, windows look best when cleaned regularly. Both the inside and outside of windows should be cleaned at least two times each year.

Windows form part of the house, but they tend to be ignored most times when it comes to keeping the home clean. Windows are not given as much attention as other household items, probably because they are hidden behind the curtains. Window washing is important and must be treated as such.

There are different types of windows, and each type requires special treatment. Homeowners should endeavor to know the exact type of window in their homes. Giving a particular type of window the treatment meant for another will only make it lose its shine.

Vinyl windows are very delicate. They can easily be scratched so utmost care should be taken when washing them. A soft cloth and some vinegar will help to keep them clean. Some detergent could also be used where vinegar is not available. Using a hard cloth or sponge will leave scratches on vinyl windows hence the need for soft cloth.

Glass windows are tougher in texture that vinyl. These types are the most commonly used of all windows. They are more tolerant to cleaning agents and will not be harmed by components like ammonia or alcohol. They are resistant to stains and scratches. Although they aren’t as delicate as vinyl, they still require that they are handled with utmost care.

There are also tinted windows, and they are quite as common as glass windows. To maintain the tinting effect of this type of windows, care should be taken when washing them. Mild soap and a soft cloth will do for this purpose. No harsh soaps must be used. Any washing agent that contains ammonia must not be used on tinted windows as this could affect the tint in them.

Apart from cleaning products that can be purchased on the market, home made products could be used to maintain windows. Some common solutions include mixing equal portions of water and vinegar. When used on glass, it could help to maintain and keep them sparkling.

When trying out home-based products, however, there should never be a mixture of alkaline and acid components. A good example is mixing ammonia and vinegar together. This gives off a neutralizing effect, and the solution will be noneffective.

Before washing windows, excess dirt and dust should be wiped off using a rag. Going ahead to clean with excess dust will only create a muddy wash. Washing when the sun is high is not also advisable as this will make the washing solution to get dried very quickly even while still at it. The result will be the presence of dirt lines. It is better to clean when the sun is not hot, preferably on cloudy days. Waking up early to clean or doing so at late evenings is another good option.

When done with all the washing, a dry towel should be used to wipe over the glass surface when it is dried. This restores shine to it. Some people achieve this effect by using old newspapers. A blackboard duster could also do the job. There are window washing companies that specialize in offering commercial services to homes and business offices. They could be hired to take care of windows if time will not permit home and business owners to do so themselves.

Several tools can help give the glass an extra shine. Some professional personnel swears by old cloth diapers or used cotton t-shirts. Others prefer using a chalkboard eraser that is reserved for the purpose to polish the glass. Still, others prefer the simplicity of yesterday’s newspaper.

One tip that can cut your work when working to clean the windows is to start at the top and work down. This tip helps to prevent drips from running down onto the surface that has just been cleaned. Work quickly to prevent drips from running onto the windowsills where they may harm paints and other finishes.