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We Purify Windows!



Our purified, de-ionized water system leaves ZERO soapy residue for cleaner windows that stay cleaner longer.



Gutter Clean Out


We remove leaves, mud, debris, and the neighbor kids’ toys from your gutters. Get your gutters to go with the flow!



Paul Hansen, Owner and President

“I moved to Nashville in 1994 and currently live in Hendersonville with my wife and young children.  Aside from my family, one of my most valued accomplishments is my Eagle Scout award. At an impressionable age I internalized principles such as Honor, Duty, Loyalty, and Integrity. I know that Hard Work is directly tied to a persons dignity and self-worth. Requiring an artists touch, window cleaning is clearly hard work! I always strive to build a team that exemplifies these traits. We are grateful for the opportunity to show you what makes Platinum Window Cleaning the crystal clear choice.”


Window cleaning and water purification join together to bring you the cleanest windows that you have ever experienced. Not only will your windows be spotless, they will stay that way longer!


Our professionals will clean out your gutters thoroughly, removing any debris that might be keeping them from working effectively.


We are not your ordinary glass cleaning company!  Give us an opportunity to show you what makes Platinum Window Cleaning the crystal clear choice!


Please let us know how we are doing!  We are sure that you will love our service, so much so, that we guarantee it!

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Window Cleaning Services

We offer the best window cleaning services. Hard stains on the windows will make the property look old and ugly. We can help in making your property stay attractive by cleaning the windows professionally. You may feel like you would prefer carrying out the cleaning work on your own. You are missing a lot if you are of that idea. Or window cleaners have the experience to assure you clean windows fast. We will save you time because we will take the shortest time and allow you to concentrate in other issues. Our window cleaning professionals have the right experience to guarantee you the best services. Each window we clean we handle it with care. Don’t worry about the safety of the windows after you decide to work with our company.

We are dedicated to ensuring you achieve the cleanest windows. Our prices are among the best in the industry. If you are searching for a company where you can be offered the best quote and the cleaning services will be thorough, then you need to work with our firm. We have the best experts who will assess the condition of your window before we use the right window cleaning procedures. We will not leave your premises until we ensure you have achieved the best window washing services. Use of the safest cleaning detergents ensures we do not pollute the environment as we clean your windows. You can call us any time and we will be happy to clean your windows. Our  response is very fast to avoid you any form of inconvenience.

We have been offering the services for long. We know how to carry out window washing services the right way. Safety measures are taken when washing high rise windows and leave your premises without any incident. If you can check on our customer ratings, you will discover we are among the best window cleaners you can access in the market. We are dedicated to making it easy for you and we strive to provide the best window cleaners in all Tennessee. You should always hire the best professionals who can work on your windows till they are very clean. If you decide to work with us, you will be assured the best windows at all times. Our company has been in operation for long. Over the period in our business operation, we have managed to develop the necessary experience in cleaning windows.

You can even let us work in your home as you concentrate in undertaking other duties. Our experts are self-motivated. We can work under minimal supervision but the quality of services we will achieve will be second to none. We are happy after we clean your windows till you are fully satisfied. If we clean the windows and you feel like we have not done the perfect job, you should not worry. You can call us aback and we will ensure the job is perfectly done to your satisfaction at no extra cost. We emphasize in carrying out quality services. Call us today for professional window washing services.

How Our Commercial Window Cleaners Guarantee You the Best Services

If you have a commercial building, store front, car dealership, restaurant, medical building, or even a high rise complex, then we are Nashville’s most trusted window cleaners.  When looking for the best commercial window cleaners, look no further.  We have the best window cleaners who can work on your commercial premise and ensure the windows are very clean. Our expert window cleaners employ the latest technology in the window cleaning process. To avoid incidences which can delay your services, all our cleaners adhere to high safety standards. There is no type of window we cannot clean, and we’ve done it all.  We have a lot of experience in the field which makes us the best choice commercial window cleaners you can ever hire.

How we guarantee our customers the best services.

Highly qualified professionals employ their wide experience in the cleaning process

All our window cleaners have been highly trained to guarantee you the best services. If you are looking for a way you can be assured of the best services in your commercial window cleaning, then you need to get in touch with us. We have helped many people achieve great success in their window cleaning due to the high level of experience we employ. Our professionals know how to handle different types of windows so that you are assured the best services. If you are looking for a company which can assure you the best window cleaning series, then we are the right experts you can hire.

We use only clean water in the window cleaning services

Use of clean water eliminates formation of scums after the window washing services. The water we use in our facility is distilled to ensure it is the right water which can keep your windows sparkling clean. You can try our services at any given time and you will be left fully satisfied. The mixing of the detergents and the water is done professionally so that you can achieve clean windows. Our experts have been cleaning windows for long hence they know how to do it the right way.

Our customers have a full guarantee after the window cleaning services

With our guarantee, you are assured of the best windows. Our cleaners will handle your job with high level of professionalism so that you can be assured of the best services. If you will like to clean your windows till they are sparkly clean, then we are the right choice. We are even known to respond very fast. Even within a short notice we can deploy enough professionals to your premises so that you can be assured the best window cleaning services. With our warranty, you can call our experts back and they will clean the windows till you are fully satisfied.

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