Cleaning your Windows in Winter

Cleaning your Windows in Winter

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inter is coming - are your windows ready for the season? Grit and grime and known issues for any season, but winter provides an extra layer of complexity given the change of temperatures in and around Nashville.

Window cleaning should be done when temperatures are above freezing.

If you’re going at it alone (that is, not using a professional window cleaning service) during the winter months, you’ll likely want to use a freeze-resistant cleaner to prevent any unwanted residue on the glass or window trim. Any residue should be cleaned off properly and in short order. It’s not unheard of for some DIYers to add a few drops of alcohol to the solution alongside common dish soap. 

Window cleaning should be done when temperatures are above freezing. Even then, you’ll need to work quickly to prevent frosting. Do not use hot water, as the contrast in temperatures can have adverse effects on your glass and/or panes. Use warm water instead. A squeegee can be helpful for the primary window panes, and microfiber cloths are useful for edgework. Prioritize drying your windows before moving onto others as any leftover moisture can lead to potential problems.

Use clean towels to prevent streaking where possible, and waterproof gloves to protect your hands from the cold. Damaged windows may be a problem, but your health comes first!

If opting for more preventative maintenance ahead of winter, some people choose to “mop” their windows before finishing off with microfiber detailing. It’s not the ideal solution, but if you’re looking for a quick way to remove grit and grime from windows, there are certainly worse ways to go about it. If you choose a moppy shortcut, an important note is to ensure there’s no residue or leftover materials from the mop itself. Don’t use a dirty mop, as it could contain microscoping granules of sand or rock that can scratch your glass.

If you prefer to keep warm by the fire instead of cleaning your windows yourself, you can always call on Platinum Window Cleaning to help. Give us a call at 615-469-7769 for a free quote on window cleaning this winter season.