What is a Window Cleaning Rain Warranty?
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What is a Window Cleaning Rain Warranty?

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eattle is known for its wet weather, right? Did you know that Nashville actually receives more rain annually? Yep - every three days (on average), we’re packing an umbrella and preparing for the ~120 inches of rain that we’ll see over the course of a year. Nashville? More like “Splashville,” right?

Given our substantial localized rainfall, we’re aware of concerns that can arise involving cleaning your windows


Given our substantial localized rainfall, we’re aware of concerns that can arise involving cleaning your windows. Good news! We’ve spent years tailoring our window cleaning solution – from the cleaning products we use, to the methods by which we use them – and Platinum Window Cleaning is proud to offer the best rain warranty in the United States. 

But wait - What’s a “Rain Warranty”? 

A rain warranty is peace of mind that you don’t need to reschedule your professional window cleaning due to a wet forecast. We use products that work amazingly well in the rain, and we feel confident that you’ll be happy with your clean windows, rain or shine. Simply put, if you’re not satisfied with the look of your windows within 7 days, give us a call and we’ll drop by to touch everything up at no cost to you.

Why would I need it? What happens to windows in the rain?

Windows don’t lose their luster due to rainfall exclusively. There’s a combination of factors that result in streaky, unsightly glass. When it rains, any accumulated dust, pollen, or residues on the window are collected by the running rainwater and given a ride down your glass. If proper products are not used to treat windows, this can leave an undesirable trail of muck. If this streak isn’t cleaned, it can dry and prove more difficult to clean as time wears on. However, if your windows are cleaned properly, rainwater will simply run off with no lasting issue. 

And while we’re confident in our methodology, we also understand that Mother Nature sometimes has other plans. That’s why the 7-Day Rain Warranty matters. It’s there to use if you need it! 

Let’s face it: you can’t control the weather. But you can control the quality of your windows by choosing window cleaning professionals who know the importance of preventive maintenance. Keep your windows clean and shimmering all year long, rain or shine, by calling Platinum Window Cleaning today at 615-469-7769. We offer a free consultation.