Top Window Cleaning Myths
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Top Window Cleaning Myths

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on’t get it twisted - this isn’t the latest Mythbusters spinoff. But we are here to investigate some of the top window cleaning myths and see which hold water and which are simply Nashville urban legends.

We are here to investigate some of the top window cleaning myths and see which hold water and which are simply Nashville urban legends.

Don’t Clean Windows in Certain Seasons

Our verdict: FALSE

Windows can be cleaned in any season in fact, clean windows stay cleaner longer in the winter. Think about it, no bugs, spider webs, pressure from foliage, ...frequent rain is cleaner rain.  It still takes a professional to ensure the job is done correctly and many homes and businesses hire window cleaners for washing once a quarter, every other month, or our most popular frequency which is tri-annual (three times per year). 

Newspaper Works Great for Cleaning Windows

Our verdict: FALSE

Newspaper used to be a viable cleaning tool - not the best, but serviceable. Cost-cutting measures have rendered newspapers thinner than ever, and therefore a lot less manageable when going for a streak-free shine. Also keep in mind that newspaper print ink can leave stains on both your window glass and trim. Careful!

Window Cleaning Chemicals are Bad for the Environment

Our verdict: DEPENDS

Yes, it’s true that some chemicals are bad for the environment. There are eco-friendly window cleaning options too. Consult with your local professional window cleaners for more information!

Rain Cleans Windows

Our verdict: FALSE

Because of the frequency of rain in middle Tennessee, the rain falls cleaner than in other parts of the country but did you know that rain can leave harmful residue that, if uncleaned, can actually leave stains on, and into your glass? That’s because while the rain droplets themselves are clean, your windows may not be. The water disturbs existing dirt and grime, leaving a nasty trail as it trickles.

It’s More Affordable to Clean my own Windows than Hire Professional Window Cleaners

Our verdict: DEPENDS

Let’s be clear: you can head to your local grocery store, pick up some vinegar, concoct your own solution, and knock out a quick window wash in a few hours. Will it be done correctly? Are you safe on ladders? Are your windows and trim actually clean, or did you leave harmful residue? How much is your time worth? While we can’t answer these questions for you, they’re important considerations before trying to tackle a DIY job that is more complex than meets the eye.

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