What is the best window cleaning squeegee?
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What is the best window cleaning squeegee?

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soldier is only as good as his or her training. But with that training comes knowledge in how to use their weapon of choice. In the battle against dirty windows, a squeegee is nearly as good as it gets.

Oftentimes the best squeegee comes with multiple tools or functions to make window cleaning easier.

The term “squeegee” was coined by William Shakespeare in 1582, identified as a tool used by Romeo to reach Juliet’s lofty balcony. Disclaimer: this is entirely false, but we don’t feel bad about it. A squeegee isn’t simply a sponge on the end of a plastic rod. Oftentimes the best squeegee comes with multiple tools or functions to make window cleaning easier.

What should you look for in a squeegee?

A window cleaning squeegee should be able to withstand contact for multiple surfaces, as you’re sure to clip paneling, trim, and possibly even siding during cleaning. Its “blade” should be flexible to work on curved surfaces. The grip should be soft for extended cleaning sessions (preferably rubberized), and the instrument itself should be lightweight and maneuverable. Look for squeegees that offer multiple attachments for both cleaning solution application and removal. Some squeegees come with extra microfiber cloths - a bonus, as accessories can get pricey depending on what you need. As for extender arms, ensure you give yourself ample room to reach tall window surfaces.  Remember that not every squeegee can attach to a pole. 

What material is best?

Squeegees are most commonly made in either plastic or aluminum, while some squeegees also come in steel. For practical DIY window cleaning, it comes down to preference and longevity. Plastic squeegees may be generally less expensive, but they are more susceptible to cracking / breakage over prolonged use. If the crack occurs on or around the blade, the squeegee becomes effectively useless. 

How do I store a squeegee?

Many squeegees can be disassembled or compacted for easier storage. Ensure your squeegee is not left out in the elements no matter the material, as rain, dirt, mold, and grime can affect the lifespan of your tool. Do not leave your squeegee on the ground or in dark/damp spaces, as insects may find it an appropriate home. Microfiber cloths and cleaning attachments can be washed per individual accessory instructions. Consult your user manual when in doubt.

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