The Cost of Not Cleaning Windows
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The Cost of Not Cleaning Windows

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ack of regular window cleaning will affect more than just the looks of your house. People are often shocked when we say dirty windows can affect their health, but it’s true. No matter your expected window cleaning cost, it will always beat leaving the windows unattended. Here are three key points to consider before leaving dirty windows unattended.

People are often shocked when we say dirty windows can affect their health, but it’s true.

1. Health First: Poor Window Maintenance Can Affect Your Health

It’s just not right to risk your health over something as basic as washing windows. Yet, it happens. If you don’t wash your windows, particles of dirt get jammed in the pores of your glass. It gets contaminated and corroded.

The first negative effect is the appearance of small, almost unnoticeable window cracks. The next level of contamination is dangerous mold. The dirt particles in your windows and sills affect the air quality on the inside. In the worst-case scenario, mold will cause a genuine health hazard that can spread to more than just your windows. Be safe, and don’t allow it to happen with proper window cleaning.

2. Cleaning Windows Saves Money: The Price of Dirty Windows

We mentioned that dirt particles stuck in your windows could lead to small cracks. Small cracks will turn into large ones over time, leading to faster degradation of your windows. In plain terms, you will need to pay for total window replacement sooner than if you had maintained them. Glass isn’t the only potential victim here - your window sills, trim, and even home siding can be impacted too. Anything not properly water-sealed can quickly rot from the inside. 

Also, windows with enough layers of dirt can block out the sun and the heat benefits of the UV rays, increasing your heating bill. Cleaning windows regularly can save you money!

3. The Aesthetics

If it’s not enough that dirty windows can cost you health and money, we might as well mention how ugly they look. Your Nashville home's curb appeal will drop significantly, and the view from the inside will also lose its charm. Looking through a filth-clogged window can be plain depressing! The Nashville housing market is crazy enough without adding these unnecessary and avoidable factors to the mix. 

We understand that everyone has the time to clean their windows regularly. So if you need professional window cleaning services in Nashville, TN, reach out to Platinum Window Cleaning for a free quote.