Professional Tips for Window cleaning at home
Professional Window Cleaning at Home

Professional Tips for Window cleaning at home

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veryone wants to get that beautiful, streak-free shine for their windows. Hiring professionals is almost always the best way to get it, but one of the common questions we get is how to achieve the professional look by doing it yourself.

Everyone wants to get that beautiful, streak-free shine for their windows.

What  should you use for window cleaning at home?

We do not use harsh chemicals to clean windows. If it can damage your property, then it’s not worth it for you to try either! Strong chemicals can also leave visible residue, and be toxic for children and pets. 

While we can’t give away our top-rated trade secrets, one simple solution is to use mild dishwashing liquid. Mix a small amount of dish detergent into a bucket of water and mix evenly. Bubbles are both welcome and expected. 


For some extra kick to cut through dirt, some people recommend adding white vinegar to the mix. Lemon juice is a reasonable substitute should white vinegar be unavailable.

Swirl your solution onto windows using a scrubbing tool. Be sure to use something that won’t scratch windows or surfaces. That means no brillo pads! Cover the window entirely. 

The above formula won’t substitute for a professional’s cleaning repertoire, but it can do the trick with the right diligence and dedication. Given the nature of window cleaning and potential dangers it can pose, it is always best to utilize professional assistance. If you’re seeking professional window cleaning services in or around Nashville, look no further than Platinum Window Cleaning. Call us today at (615) 469-7769 for a free consultation.