How to Clean Tall Windows

How to Clean Tall Windows

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et’s say your Nashville area home has beautiful picture windows stretching more than 10 feet in height and several feet wide. Maybe your 6-foot half-moon transom is looking a bit worse for wear. Short of asking for help from a local NBA player, cleaning tall windows may simply be out of reach for the average Joe, Right?

As Jesse Ventura famously said in “Predator”, “If it’s dirty, we can clean it.” Inaccurate quoting notwithstanding, we agree with the sentiment.

Let’s rethink that. As Jesse Ventura famously said in “Predator”, “If it’s dirty, we can clean it.” Inaccurate quoting notwithstanding, we agree with the sentiment. Tall windows do require some extra legwork to clean, but that’s our job – to ensure a proper, professional window clean for your home, no matter how tough the job. If you’re in need of professional help, call Platinum Window Cleaning. But if you’re looking to tackle the job yourself, try these helpful tips to ensure your large windows stay sparkling:

Stable extension ladder

A ladder is a logical weapon of choice to attack dirty windows, but an everyday stepladder likely won’t finish a massive window cleaning project. In order to maintain stability, you need to work alongside your windows and not reach overhead. Additionally, stubborn grit and grime sometimes requires hand-washing (and proper chemicals). The right answer is an extension ladder that will allow you stable footing and storage for cleaning accessories. We can’t advise the general public to teeter on a ladder due to safety concerns, but sometimes that’s the only realistic way to snake into crevasses that would otherwise remain uncleaned. Extension ladders make for great investments, but they can be difficult to transport and store unless you have the means to do so. 

Pressure Washing

Okay, toss the ladder idea aside. You can always use a pressure washer to reach the tip-tops of tall windows. While it won’t produce the cleanest finish (again, hand-washing or squeegee’ing is the best option there), it will at least keep your feet on solid ground barring super-tall glass. Concentrated liquid cleaning solutions can be intermixed with water to wash away dirt. Be advised though that your windows may need multiple washes - you don’t want to leave soapy residue behind. Dried soap can tarnish your hard work with stubborn streaks.

Long-handled cleaning tools

No more Mr. Nice Guy! When extension ladders prove too wobbly and pressure washing is too expensive, grab a long-handled squeegee (or even a mop) and tackle it the old-fashioned way - with elbow grease! Home improvement stores sell tools to help with everything from cobweb removal to soap application and rinsing. Two primary concerns here: to be careful to not apply too much pressure to your glass, and ensure you don’t leave residues. Just because the glass appears clean when wet does not mean it’ll dry with a crystal clear sheen.

If tackling tall windows seems too tall a task, call Platinum Window Cleaning. We’ll help assess your situation and provide a free, no obligation professional window cleaning quote. Call us today at 615-469-7769.