Cleaning Windows That Have Never Been Cleaned

Cleaning Windows That Have Never Been Cleaned

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et’s say you happen upon a fixer-upper or inherit a home that is less-than-upkept. There are likely dozens of small projects that one can entertain, but one that can make an immediate impact is cleaning the windows.

It’s entirely possible for a dedicated DIY-er to handle the work.

In many cases, older homes may have never had their windows cleaned - professionally or otherwise. Under these circumstances we do recommend consultation with a professional window cleaning service, but it’s entirely possible for a dedicated DIY-er to handle the work. The level of effort may be an afternoon in the yard or a trip to the local home improvement store for new windows. But for this article, we’ll cover how to clean windows that have never been cleaned before.

Assess the Situation

What are we dealing with? Survey the home and cleaning areas. Are the windows damaged, broken, cracked, or chipped? Is the glass in decent shape? What about the trim and brick molding? Your plan of action will first depend on what needs to be done. Assuming the windows won’t break upon pressure (safety hazard!), the first and best step is a basic rinse to understand problem spots. If there are substantial moisture leaks (which create condensation), it may be best to defer to a professional. But you may be in luck if you’re dealing with dirt, grime, and streaking.

Careful but Thorough Cleaning

Unkempt windows may need a thorough scrubbing. This requires care and, depending on placement of windows, extra safety precautions. If you decide to scrub your windows, use a glass-safe abrasive and ensure the cleaning area remains wet. Rinse the abrasive regularly to ensure there are no trapped particles which may otherwise scratch the glass. Should the cleaning area require ladder usage, use caution and work with another person who can secure the ladder. Safety first. Should ladders be required, it is likely best to contact a professional for consultation. After scrubbing and rinsing, reassess the glass. Are the stains / streaks coming off with water only? If no, utilize a commercial cleaning solution (or make your own) and repeat the process. With enough elbow grease, you should see progress.

Detail Work

The bulk of labor should be spent on the problem spots, but ensure you’re also cleaning the surrounding areas (inside and out) and the trim. Window trim that is not maintained can crack and result in damage to glass and other parts of your home. Ensure the window perimeters are both sealed and clean. Should there be cracking, rotting wood, or signs of other damage, contact a professional or seek to remedy these issues quickly. Expensive water damage can be prevented with proper action and ongoing maintenance. 

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