Can you use Newspaper to Clean Window Glass?

Can you use Newspaper to Clean Window Glass?

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latinum Window Cleaning may utilize the latest in glass cleaning technology to ensure the best possible wash/rinse in Nashville, but we’re also mindful of other techniques used by our predecessors.

So, you ask, is it possible to clean windows with newspaper? Well, it depends, and the answer has evolved over time.

Using Newspaper to Clean Windows

Years ago, newspapers were thick and meaty, filled with stories, coupons, cartoons, and the like. As technology has advanced to accommodate a more paperless society, newspapers have evolved as well. Not only are different inks used, but the types of paper have changed as well. You don’t necessarily want to use an inky ball of disintegrating paper to clean your windows; unfortunately, that’s what many DIYers encounter when they try this technique in 2022. In decades past, a firmer, stronger, more durable paper was used in newspaper printing. To save money, production centers have cut back where possible. The benefits hit the bottom line, but do not equate to a better window cleaning solution.

One key to newspaper window cleaning is the absorbency property of the paper used. Newspapers do not leave water trails until the paper is filled with water. This is one reason why newspapers have been used in the past, and also a reason why they are used less in present day. If the newspaper used is of poor quality or too thin, it will not retain water. Thick paper will allow the washer to apply a solution, wipe it clean, and not leave an inky residue in its wake. Careful here, as ink can stain your trim!

Speaking of ink, modern-day ink is not necessarily worse for window cleaning compared to years past. In fact, some people debate the merits of vegetable-based inks used today, as it is purported to leave less streaks, but others say the removal of many petroleum-based inks leaves a lower-quality polish. The jury is still out on this one.

Regardless, there are (in our humble opinions) may better ways to clean your windows. A proper squeegee, sponge, and cleaning solution will out-perform the daily paper in every category. Unless you’re a purist who enjoys the spirit of sentimentality, we’d recommend a low-cost, modern-day approach to washing your windows.

So the overall answer here is “Sort of.” Yes, you can use newspapers to clean your windows, but it was more effective when the materials used were of higher quality. You can still use newspaper, but be aware that ink can be troublesome and you’ll also need to have a trash can nearby for paper disposal.

Platinum Window Cleaning uses only the latest in window cleaning technology to service our clients in and around Nashville. If you’re looking for a clean worth bragging about, give our friendly staff a call and schedule a free consultation. We may not use newspaper to clean, but we’ll help your windows make headlines.