3 Signs it’s Time to Professionally Wash Your Windows
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3 Signs it’s Time to Professionally Wash Your Windows

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hether it’s a home in Franklin, office building, commercial business, or 3rd story apartment in downtown Nashville - they all have windows! But how do you know if or when it’s time to bring in professional cleaners? Here are 3 warning signs to look for from your windows.

There is equal value in using professional window cleaners to cover external cleanings and maintenance.
  1. You can’t seem to escape the “fog” or grimy buildup.

It can be tempting to try to scrub harder with excessive force, the dirtier the window is. However, as with any delicate glass, you want to avoid any type of damage. You may also see a thin film or hazy, whitish “fogginess” over a window that standard household cleaning supplies are unable to remove- despite your best efforts.

Just like all of us, every window is slightly different. Therefore, the “one-size-fits-all” approach to cleaning them often requires its own set of custom needs and care when considering its size, placement, structural condition/shape, and exposure to numerous (and potentially harmful) indoor/outdoor factors. As different circumstances and window conditions call for more extreme tools and water pressures (like deep powerwashing vs. a simple garden hose spray-off), sometimes a squeegee or DIY home remedy just won’t hack it alone.

Like most porous surfaces, there are often risks of some type of absorption, staining, and/or unfavorable growth affiliated with different materials. Although window glass tends to be considered non-porous, it does not mean air or liquid-proof. Tennessee’s climate frequently calls for continuous precipitation any time of the year. What may not be such a well-known fact throughout Davidson County, is that rain (or “Nature’s washing”) contains dirt, dust, acid, and other granule particles that can squeeze their way into small cracks and scratches within window glass. This can actually cause your windows to somehow appear even dirtier AFTER it rains! When this happens, you can count on us at Platinum Window Cleaning to professionally tackle the stubborn discoloration and unsightly impurities that follow.

  1. Keeping wanted visitors in, and unwanted visitors out. 

Have you discovered that your windows have suddenly become the new home nesting spot for wasps/hornet hives? Or worried about them lowering curb apparel and scaring off potential buyers during your upcoming open house? 

Just like putting off mowing the lawn for “just another week”, it’s easy to ignore minor home maintenance like washing windows- until there’s a drastic difference between your and your neighbor’s lawn, often prompting a reignited sense of urgency. However, as one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, overlooking simple checkbox items like this can lead to unwanted consequences. That includes house hunters with zero interest in taking on month-to-years’ worth of caked on dirt and grime. Or even worse, an unintended kind of new ‘inhabitants’: outside critters looking to either come inside or settle on/in small window frame crevices that often make the best places for them to camp out. Luckily, Platinum Window Cleaning is up to the challenge!

  1. It’s affecting your mood and health… Or you simply can’t remember the last time it was done.

Life is stressful enough. Cluttered, messy surroundings lead to added stress. Mystery spots blurring window clarity and creating unwanted focal points within your home or business shouldn’t be an added factor. Dirty windows can also have direct effects on air quality. Not only can water damage cause mold, but worn seals can allow airborne contaminants into your home. Yikes! 

Window cleaning, while often not the most enjoyable of tasks, should be considered a necessary chore- but never a health or safety concern. Just like many choose to hire professional house cleaners or industrial cleaning services to tackle indoor work due to time, hassle, convenience, required specialized equipment, high ceilings, hard-to-reach spaces, and many other reasons, there is equal value in using professional window cleaners to cover external cleanings and maintenance. 

Look no further than Platinum Window Cleaning to help bring your windows to a sparkling shine. Call today for a FREE quote!