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Waterfed Pole Window Washing – Service is Your Cleaning Solution!

Dreading washing your windows? Tired of dirty, spotted panes? Ready to have them sparkle and gleam?

Waterfed Poles and Pure Water Window Washing Systems

Waterfed Poles and Pure Water Window Washing Systems

Then it’s time to call Platinum Window Cleaning. These experts are professionals, with the knowledge, experience, and skills to efficiently and effectively wash your windows while you sit back and relax.

Window washing is hard, dirty work. And when your home or office has lots of windows, unwieldy sizes, and other challenges, the chore can be a real pain. However, our pure water washing system and service is a great option for cleaning them without the hassle. We use pure water that has been purified through four stages. We then use the water together with brushes to scrub and then rinse your window. After our services, the windows become sparkling clean, and no squeegee marks are left on the windows. No matter the kind of window you have in your office or home, from picture to double-hung, they’ll be sparkling clean.

Why deal with the labor, mess, and stress of tackling your windows when it’s simple and hassle-free to hire expert window washers!

Contact Platinum Window Cleaning today to learn more about having your windows professionally cleaned.